Plan B: Engineering a Cooler Earth

Research: Environmental Technology


Environmental Technology

Linde Center researchers are leaders in the development of new technologies for environmental measurements. For example, they have developed technologies for characterizing the aerosols that make up urban air pollution. They are working on effective and cost-efficient technologies for removing contaminants from water, for producing hydrogen from sunlight via electrochemical water splitting, and for storing electric energy in novel lithium-air batteries.

Faculty Involved

Thumb_flagan Richard C. Flagan
Thumb_hoffmann Michael R. Hoffmann
Thumb_morgan_1999 James Morgan

Tools and Facilities


Environmental Chemistry and Technology Laboratory

In the environmental chemistry and technology laboratory, collimated sunlight from the Linde + Robinson solar telescope is focused into photolysis reactors, where artificial photosynthesis processes are developed to convert water and carbon dioxide into energetic fuels.

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